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When Should You Consider Managed Web Hosting

If you want a new hosting provider, you might be confused as to which web hosting provider to choose. You can either choose between paid, free, shared or dedicated web hosting. Also, there are other hosting solutions such as cloud hosting or VPS. With all these available solutions you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

If there are signs that your website is going to be famous and you won’t be able to handle all the servers, you might consider a managed web hosting solution.

Definition of managed web hosting

Managed web hosting is whereby the host takes care of the operations of your server so that you won’t have to do it. Earlier on managed web hosting was a term used to refer to dedicated web hosting. Although it is still the most predominant use of managed web hosting you can still find that managed web hosting services can also be applied to additional hosting solutions such as VPS, cloud hosting or co-location.

If you don’t have enough time to set up space the way its required for you to operate your business you can consider using managed web hosting services.

Who uses the services of web hosting?

There are two main reasons why managed web hosting is used. Managed web hosting is used by businesses and individuals to decrease the amount of hand on IT that needs to be conducted on the server to keep it maintained.

  • Limited IT knowledge-Some sites are highly popular, and they need a higher quality web solution. However, if the staff or the business owner is focusing more on the business other than the hosting solution and they don’t know how to operate the server space well, they might consider using the services of managed web hosting.

What’s included in web hosting services

Before paying for the additional costs that come with managed web hosting you need to know the services offered. Most web hosts have various services that they term managed. Some are part of the whole package, and some are only paid for when you need them.

  • Server monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security editing
  • Backup services
  • Software installation
  • Hardware upgrading
  • Software upgrading


The services of managed web hosting are not cheap. You will pay the extra money, and in return, you will have the customer service support available to you 24/7. With all the advantages you will get with managed web hosting it’s worth that extra money.

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