The Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Domain Name

In the current age and time, we are living in you will at one point be required to have a blog or a website for your business. Before setting up your site, you need to have a domain name that will be hosted by a service provider. The type of domain name that you will select will affect your business positively or negatively. There are several mistakes which you might make when selecting a domain name. In this guide, you will learn about the mistakes to avoid when picking a domain name.

Choosing a domain which is already taken

This may sound like a tiny mistake, but many businesses make it. Some of the companies go ahead to print the domain name on their business cards and brochures even before they buy the domain name. The minute you start brainstorming on domain name ideas ensure that you check to see whether they have already been sold or if they are still available. If you want to avoid wasting time you can buy a domain name from service providers.

Selecting a domain name which is not a .com

Nowadays it’s effortless to bump into domain names with various extensions, biz, etc.  Over the year’s people have become programmed that all domain names should automatically end with .com. Avoid domain names which don’t end with the .com extension. A lot of these clients might ignore your website and visit the sites that have the .com extension, and this won’t be good for your business.

Picking a domain name that is hard and not easy to remember

Always ensure that you choose a domain which is not hard and is easy to remember. Hard domain names are the ones which have complex wording or words that are uncommon with unusual spelling. If your domain name is hard, then the chances are that it will be hard to remember. Having a difficult domain name is the same as not having a domain name at all. Since a lot of marketing will be via word of mouth, come up with an easy name which will be easily pronounced and remembered.


As much as you are going to consider your domain name it’s also important to consider the services offered by your provider. The services offered by your web host should be reliable and affordable.

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